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Best disc golf app

This app is easy to use. You can take notes on each hole of each course, measure throws, and edit holes on courses if the tee boxes or baskets dont match the map. It even keeps stats on every player entered in the app. I play with a group of eight other guys. I can see what everyone averages overall, wins, ties, losses, etc. Also while you play, it will show what everyone youre with averages on that hole, on that course, and what their best score on that hole is. This is possibly the best disc golf app out there.

A great app theyre working to improve

The information provided by UDisc+ is great. The statistics offer insight to your personal game. The app effectively finds courses near you, which is great while youre traveling. Tap "Find a Course" and a map appears, zooming in on your location. You can get a course overview and directions to the course right then. The scorecards are easy to use, verbally telling you the order of play on the next hole. It also records temp, humidity and duration of play! Thats cool. Ive found the "measure throw" to be a very useful tool for improvements to my game. Seeing how far each disc was thrown and seeing it mapped out is great! The developers are working on improvements over the winter months. The one improvement I would like to see is the ability to jump from the scorecard to the course map and back with one tap. Currently it takes several taps to find the the map to assist in locating the next tee.

Best DG app ever

Hands down the best... cant be beat.

Best coverage

I would use no other!!

Excellent App

This is the best disc golf app. Many features all work well. I use the course finder and love the weather stats on the scorecard.

Hands down best app

Perfect tool to keep track of your game, find courses, log your discs, take notes on holes, compare scores with others that have played there and so much more. I highly recommend this app for beginners trying to get better and find new courses, and to the players trying to better their game and increase their rating. All in all a fantastic app for all aspects of the sport.

Worth the money

They are responsive in updating course info, which means the app should only get better! Hands down the best out there, I told all my friends and they love it too!

Versitle and fun

Worth the subscription to encourage development and sync scorecards to your friends. They keep adding more features and its a blast to "log it all". Love the app!

Greatest all in one disc golf score keeper.

Ive been using this app for years now. Finally thought Id write a review. Its awesome. Simply put. Lots of options, easy to use, keeps tons of stats, and can even locate some close courses for you or plan a trip if you want. The only thing I want is just the ability to pick what you want to see in graph form. Like, birdies, par, and bogies on a course or particular hole, etc. Small gripe though. Just get it. If you play disc golf and really want to keep track of your rounds, this is the only app you need.


This is an awesome app. I would highly recommend for any disc golf player!

A must have for every disc golfer

The best way to keep track of your score and progress!

All around greatness.

This is the ultimate disc golf app. Everything you need and then some. Everyone I have recommended this app to has loved it too

Solid scoring app and MORE

This is a very decent program for the price you pay for it. I never pay much for apps for my phone but this one was a bargain for what you get.

The Best DG app!

This is the best app for Discgolfing and the upgrades keep making it better. A must have for any Discgolfer!


love this app

Get it

Best disc golf app on the market. Lots of stats and the ability to log info on your discs. Great updates continue to improve the app too.

Best disc golf app available, period.

Stats that track and average over time and course, the partnership with the Pro Tour, the ease of use, the advanced analytics. All top notch. Would like to see doubles functionality added, but now Im nitpicking.

Must have for every disc golfer

What is there to say that hasnt been said. This app does it all. Need to find your closest course with built in map, done. Wanna measure your throws, done. Wanna map out your neighborhood park and make it available for others to find and play, done. So many features. I personally love the stats. Keeps track of many facets of your game in graph form. Plus the cloud is super convenient when sharing scorecards and stats with other players. This app is a must have for novice and seasoned pros alike.

Solid app

Overall the app is great! But could be much better tool to improve your game if the round comparison was a little more in depth. What would also dramatically improve the app is more description of the type of shot you took, this would help the round comparison tremendously. In short BUY this app. This will help your game!

Best Disc golf app

Never play a round without it

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